When was the last time you received an unexpected gift, tied with ribbons and a personalised card inside? Can you remember your feelings when you started to unwrap the present? This excitement, desire to look inside. You’re an adult, but you’re still thrilled. That feeling is an instrument for your business.

Creating a great unboxing experience is a marketing tool you can use for happier clients. It spreads the word about your business. It differentiates you from the crowd and causes positive changes that can’t be analysed by Google.

In today’s connected world this is one of the most material things you can actually measure: people will share their experience. They will write reviews, post on Instagram and Facebook, which gives you more coverage.

Box Concepts

Following the FIFAe World Cup 2021 postponement, due to COVID we had the chance to put our learnings to the test. FIFA wanted to thank its players for their patience and continued support. So, in collaboration with LIVELee, we created a premium gift box for the players.

Our unboxing experience…

  • Our paper-over-board box, in matt black and gold foiling was our premium solution. We gave consideration as how to open the box and how we could fit a whole range of branded sportswear inside. The box opened along the sidewalls, teasing the FIFAe World Cup ribbon branding.
  • We included a personalised A5 card for each recipient
  • Bespoke tissue paper wrapped the contents and a printed sticker held everything together
  • We packed the box into a larger outer casing, with protective, recycled packing
FIFAe box side view
Internal view
Gift Box wrapping paper

Only the players can tell you how the unboxing experience felt, as it’s such a personal experience. But given the feedback we received it’s all positive.

Are you looking to create a bespoke, unboxing experience? Then get in touch!

FIFAe Gift Box ready to go