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Before we begin

Research. Research. Research. We will carry out extensive research in the first instance. We’ll ask the right questions. We’ll take time to recognise the essence, values, and style of your company and from that, we’ll know what the tone is for the design. We will understand who you are talking to and how to communicate with them. Taking the time to dig deep, understanding the ‘why’ behind your company will make for an effective design.

The anatomy of a logo

A logo is more than just your company name in a funky font. It should look great. Be meaningful. Appeal to potential customers. So, careful thought and intentional consideration go into choosing fonts, colours, and layout so that each logo tells the right story and communicates the right message. As brand identity specialists, we know that there is so much more than meets the eye that goes into a logo design.


Your brand color palette has to match your brand story and work for your company. Colour has the power to evoke emotions, encourage conversions, and even generate brand loyalty when used correctly.


There are thousands of fonts available, and choosing one for your brand can be a challenge. But, we can determine which font works best for you and how to use it. The key to choosing a font is that it is clean, easy to read and one that suits your brand.


A distinctive graphic element helps expand and identify your brand. If a graphic element is part of your logo, keeping it simple, unique, and directly related to your company will help to ensure that it compliments your brand correctly.


A brand style guide is a blueprint that displays the visual elements of a brand. It’s a simple tool that adds so much power to your company when used. Consistent visual rules will create memorability, trust, and loyal customers.

Ballamona logo repeat-pattern

Our Work

We’ve had the privilege of creating logos for some fantastic clients,
so scroll down to see a selection of our favourites.

Dam' Fine Ices. Finsthwaite
Socialtec International
Bingo Irish
Digibase IT
Scottish Quality Salmon
Call 2 U
Gusto Inns Pub Co.
The Goodbrand Collective
Lamper Head Guest House
Russian Tea Room – Bacup
Drunken Trees logo
Artemis Marketing Concept
Helixstaar Award
Victoria Hamilton Wedding Photographer
Maine Gates and Garage Doors
Torquespeed Motorsport
ABCD After Breast Cancer Diagnosis logo
Greenbooth Village
Bower Brook Gardens, Widnes
David Owen Hairdressing
Powered by Humans
Copper Beeches, High Legh
Midlands Leadership Forum

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